The Northman Subverted my Expectations in a GOOD Way!

Let me start by saying I am a BIG TIME history and mythology nerd who is weirdly obsessed with my genealogy. The bulk of my ancestry is Germanic and Scandinavian from my father’s side and I’ve always felt a huge call to the ancient ones. I became super rapt by the history of the Vikings from the moment I became aware of them. I was pretty obsessed with Norse mythology in junior high and I’ve read most of the literature I could find about them from the Eddas and the Sagas to scholarly pursuits.

At the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

My husband is also a descendant and a scholar interested in the deep past. We spent our honeymoon in the Baltic (Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden) going to the Viking Ship museum in Roskilde and the Viking Museum in Stockholm.

Thus, we have spent a lot of time…

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