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Adrian is currently at work on The Chemical Marriage series, an epic work spanning time, traditions and multiple continents blending alchemy seamlessly with our modern world.  The first book in this seven part series, is The Crow’s Head. 


Adrian’s novel, Carpe Mañana, is currently in the process of seeking publication.

Short Stories

Saga of the Jomsvikings published by Burnt Bridge Press

Nativity published by The Fiction Desk

Dauphin published by Phantom Drift

Sex, Drugs and Rachmaninoff published by Pink Narcissus Press

All the Variables & Other Love Stories won first place in the 2009 Utah Arts Council book-length manuscript competition.

The Hawthorne Effect published by The British Fantasy Society’s Journal

Some Small, Safe Way published by The Saint Ann’s Review

The Bishop’s Celestial Wife published by BlazeVox

Of Madmen and Muses published by Paper Nautilus

Poetry (Mephistopheles, To Steve, My Lover’s First Lover), Creative Writing (How to Succeed at Unemployment) in Metaphor Journal XXVII

Poetry (The F Word and Dig), Creative Writing (How the Devil Saved Miss Colorado) in Metaphor Journal XXV

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