Meet Damian Lancaster

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Meet Damian Lancaster – master counterfeiter and protagonist of “The Crow’s Head: The Chemical Marriage Book I” by Adrian E. Stumpp

“In the beginning, just getting off the ground, Damian had done any job he could get: petty drug deals and small-time gamblers, coyotes and car thieves. He budgeted every cent and allowed himself to eat twice a day. He lived in a studio apartment on the edge of the Mission until the city made it illegal to be poor. When the rent hiked higher than he could hustle, he washed down to Bayview with the rest of the dregs who refused to leave the city and took a studio apartment. A couple years of this and he traded in the petty crooks for fancier ones. Corporate accountants putting band-aids on broken books. Shorthanded paymasters buying civil servants with discounted kickbacks. They wanted the magic he could conjure: counterfeit. He set up an offshore bank account under a stolen identity and dealt strictly through a short list of agents. He did not want his clients to know who he was or how to find him. The quiet and the dark, his haven.”

– Excerpt from “The Crows Head: Book I of the Chemical Marriage” by Adrian E Stumpp – Author


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