Nativity Review

Adrian’s short story “Nativity,” was published in the U.K. collection, Various Authors Anthology 1  by The Fiction Desk. “I can’t ever remember reading a story on the fears of impending fatherhood, so this is a new one on me. And I think that author Stumpp has treated the subject brilliantly, raising all of the fears and the upheavals that impending fatherhood brings with it. But with the story comes even more depth and complication. Not only does his wife in her pregnancy suffer from ‘sleep-punching’, but with fatherhood weighing heavy on Ed’s mind he thinks about visiting the father he hasn’t seen since he was four. With so much going on it sounds like Nativity may be too busy, but it’s a surprisingly engaging and thoroughly entertaining read.” Read more: Here

Featured in Poets & Writers

Adrian’s short story “Dauphin” has been accepted for publication by Phantom Drift: New Fabulism:

This issue of Phatom Drift was featured in “Poets & Writers

Directly inspired by Conjunctions, David Memmott, publisher of the speculative fiction press Wordcraft of Oregon, last year established Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism (, which is “dedicated to developing an understanding of and appreciation for fabulist literature.” The second issue of the annual, titled “Valuable Estrangements,” will hit newsstands in October and include fiction by Gail Griffin and Christopher Linforth and poetry by David Axelrod and Mathias Svalina. The open-submission period runs from January 1 to March 31, during which poetry and fiction may be sent via e-mail to